Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my website to order my first book! I never thought I’d get to this part, but here I am. I had a lot of fun writing this fairytale and I hope you will enjoy it with your family too. ~ Emma

The Fairies of Waterfall Island

the search for the missing crystal

The Fairies of Waterfall Island is a fairytale of four fairies who are sisters, searching for the missing Water Crystal bestowed onto Waterfall Island, powering the island’s magical inhabitants. Without the Water Crystal the fairies experienced the dwindling of their magical powers. The four sister fairies embarked on a journey with two human children to help them find their crystal. But first, they must face the Evil Fairy. Will they save Waterfall Island? Or will the island be doomed forever?

This fairytale brings you through a delightful adventure to find magic lost and friendships found.