Rosey has light brown hair with a yellow flower in it. She has light tan skin along with some blue shoes with laces. Rosey has brown eyes and pointy, transparent, wings. Her hair is tied in a side-braid. Her dress is blue, has thin straps, and goes to her knees. She is the youngest of her sisters, and she is very shy and scared. Rosey is very alert and on time for everything. Her sisters think she worries and panics too much.



Mia has black hair and side-bangs. Her hair is very long. She has an asymmetrical dress (which is blue). 1 side of her dress goes to her ankle and the other side goes to her lower knee. She is very brave and always tries new things. She is the oldest of her sisters. She definitely the most adventurous out of everyone.She is also pretty much the head of the group.



Hailey has blonde, smooth, hair. She has a sky blue dress that looks like blue, overlaid leaves. She has light skin that is barely tan. Her hair is shorter than her sisters’ because that way she doesn’t have to spend much time fixing her hair and with that extra time, she starts studying early. Her hair is still a little long, just not as much as her sisters. She also doesn’t wear a lot of makeup for that same reason. She loves to learn and study anything. She loves to read books (mainly chapter books and informational books!) and write.



Mackenna has dark brown hair with skin that is in the middle of tan and white. Her dress is up to her knees in the front and ankles in the back. She has thin, short, see-through sleeves. Her sleeves dangle from her shoulders. She has a very, very special connection with animals. She loves her animal friends. She helps animals whether they are hurt, they need help, they are in trouble, or if they just need love!



Jack, the fairies’ human friend, has brown hair and a yellow, shirt with blue shorts. He has bangs that flip to the side. He has tan skin. He is 11 years old. He is always scared and never likes to take risks. His sister calls him a scaredy cat. He always loves to be prepared.



Kaylia, Jack’s sister and the fairies’ other human friend, has jean shorts with gems on it. She has a pink t-shirt with it. She has black hair, and tan skin. She is a lot like Mia, brave, fierce, and loves trying new things. Kaylia is 9 years old. She is a human, but she definitely believes in magic. She is very kind, loving, pretty, adventurous, has a lot of friends, and doesn’t give up so soon.



Floris has black hair tied up in a bun. She is tall for a fairy and has a long black dress. She wears a lot of  dark, dreary makeup, that represents her mood. She is the evil fairy and she has a lot of potions. Beware!